Vintage Spanking Photos

Up For A Spanking!

October 21, 2010

Looks like he swept her right off her feet for this spanking. Nice!

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Happy Hairbrush Spanking

September 10, 2010

Well, the spanker looks happy anyway!

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Holding hands by the fire…

September 1, 2010

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Wise man indeed!

The lower caption: “Help! Ouch! Maybe this hurts Sid more than it does Sally — but we seriously doubt it!”

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I went on vacation

July 18, 2010

spanking postcard

I’ll be back soon…

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Spanked on the bed

May 27, 2010

spanked on the bed

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Kneeling with the Whip

May 9, 2010

Kneeling with her whip

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The Spanking Maid

April 25, 2010

maid who spanks drawing

Here’s a drawing of a maid who does the spanking. Now that’s a full service maid!

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Bettie Bound and Spanked

April 20, 2010

Bettie bound and spanked

Love the smile on Bettie’s spanker!

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Hairbrush Spanking

March 31, 2010

hairbrush spanking

Spanked over her pretty gown with the hairbrush. Nice!

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Outdoor Spanking

February 28, 2010

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Is that a switch, stick, or rod she’s using on that lovely bare bottomed girl?

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